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Charlene & Daniel from The LightClub

We're Charlene & Daniel, founders of The LightClub.

We met 15 years ago in ibiza and spent that whole Summer completely immersed in music.. we both love the escapism that music can offer you, the way it can make you feel, the way it can transport you, connect you... connect a whole room of strangers. Our relationship, our home & our lives are filled with music. We don't know where we'd be without it! Where would any of us be without it?!
It's such a healer, can instantly change an atmosphere & can instantly change your state.

The LightClub has been in our heads for years now, as we've evolved over the years and decided to step away from the clubbing scene, from drinking & drugs, we were left pining for that experience you gain from being in a club, totally immersed in the sound & completely connected to a community of people all there for the same thing, all on the exactly same wavelength. 

We wanted to create a safe space where we could come together, be immersed in beautiful music, transported to another place & where a community could be built
... Human connection is one of the basic human needs & it is missing in our culture more than ever, yet we are all still searching for it. 

We also wanted all of this, 
without the hangover! We want you to feel 10 times MORE energised when you leave than when you arrived, and this feeling of vitality will stay with you!

Daniel is an excellent DJ, his music is world class... the foundation of his style & history being House Music.. infused with an African influence, Tribal Beats & Culture. What he is really looking for is sound with a sense of depth, regardless of the genre.. music that carries you into a deep primal state. He also has a love for Medicine Music & deeply emotive sound.
His music is, by nature, hugely uplifting, high vibrational, emotive & a fuel for freedom & joy!

Charlene is founder of House of Kundalini. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 8 years and runs beautiful Retreats, Events & Trainings throughout the UK & Europe. Charlene has a natural ability to create & hold a space beautifully. Her intuition & experience allows people to enter deep states where they can have truly healing & profound experiences. 

It's Charlene's warm voice that you will hear easing into your subconscious through the headsets as she guides and encourages you through the event, taking you on guided meditation journeys interwoven with the music... her voice brings you focus, power, motivation & aids in a deep reconnection to the self.

We would absolutely love to hear from you so please do get in touch through the contact page, even just for a chat.

We hope to see you at one of our events really soon! 
Lots of love 
Charlene & Daniel

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