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Solstice Conscious
Dance Festival

Saturday 22nd June

Windlesham | Surrey


Kundalini Yoga
Conscious Dance
Live Medicine Music
Live DJ Set & Live Percussion
Wild Swimming

Only 50 tickets available!! 

This adult only, sober event will be the first Lightclub we have done out in nature and we absolutely cannot wait for it!

We have wanted to turn the LightClub into a festival style event for a while but it was important for us that it was local, we want to strengthen the community here & we would love to have events where we don't have to travel... what a dream! Of course, the universe was listening & brought this beautiful piece of land right into our path. 

So, we have conjured up a program of all the things we love!

Kundalini, Breathwork, Mantra, live Medicine Music, Drumming, Wild Swimming, Conscious Dance & Cocao.


Our Solstice event will be a ceremony to honor the Summer Solstice and a chance to come together in Community, in Nature and immerse into Music and a love for Life!

The Solstice is an event in nature that has been celebrated since time began, we also celebrate the June Full Moon in Capricorn which coincides Magically with the Solstice.

We will begin our event with Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation & Mantra to ground into the body and reconnect, to connect with the nature surrounding us and connect as a collective consciousness.. We will use this opportunity to release any shadow works we have been through recently, time to turn the page & welcome a fresh new cycle!


We will then have some time to enjoy the grounds, eat & chat.. Do bring yourself a picnic along to enjoy. This is time for Wild swimming if you choose to...

Daniel will then see us through the long summer evening with Conscious Dance. this will be a night to dance under the stars & deeply connect into the earth under your feet.. we'll do this silent disco style with headsets for a fully immersive experience to the BEST music as you are guided by Charlene's voice.


Let us take you on a journey of sound, the music moving in undulating waves from high peaks to calm moments of stillness as we move through the trees and ancient land we dance on as the sun goes down on the first half of this powerhouse year.  


The highest grade guatemalan Cacao will be available to purchase on the day, this works beautifully with Conscious dance to open your heart, lift your energy & clear your mind ready for this beautiful Movement Meditation. Release somatically, reconnect to your joy and leave feeling 10 times more refreshed and energised than when you walked in!

Joining us

Dembis Thioung

Joining us will be the incredible Senegalese Grio Dembis Thioung. He is a Master Musician and well respected percussionist.

A Grio is an African storyteller and lineage holder., it is an honour to have him play with us as he is carrying a lineage of Musicians and players that is very elevated & highly respected. As a Grio Dembis is carrying these traditions as a storyteller & a keeper of the culture & music which accompanied the nobility for many generations and was handed down from father to Son, Mother to Daughter in particular families.

Dembis comes with a real Spiritual presence, he will be ceremonially opening the Conscious dance for us, calling in the ancestors and calling in Spirit as well as uplifting Daniels DJ Set throughout with his musical talent on the Djembe.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 12.07_edited.jpg

Cacao Sol

Cacao Sol sources the best ceremonial grade Guatemalan Cacao and brings it here to the UK for us lovely people to enjoy.

The smoothest, most delicious cacao I have tasted, it has a gentle calming effect for me & I just wouldn't use any other cacao for my events!

He has such a passion for this medicine and the healing journey that it offers, it is wonderful to be in his presence and discuss such a wonderful plant medicine with so much passion, experience and joy.


He will be bringing this plant medicine, made up with his most gorgeous recipe to be purchased all evening as well as his raw cacao blocks to be brought home with you if you wish. 

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Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 14_edited.jpg

25 Acres



25 acres is a gorgeous piece of private land in Windlesham, Surrey.

An anthology of ancient woodland, open field, streams, hidden gardens, the most beautiful lake & boathouse, hand built sweat lodge & it is teeming with wildlife. It is truly a hidden oasis of nature.

This ancient land was originally inhabited & blessed by the British Celt Deer tribe during the 1st & 2nd Centuries.

It is currently warded by Shamanic healers who continue to bless this land. 25 Acres has the most magical, special energy & we feel truly honored to be able to create our event in this space. 

The exact location will be revealed in the days before the event. 

Get one of only 50 tickets available.. 

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