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Conscious dance

We run monthly Conscious Dance events in Windlesham, Surrey, you can also catch us spreading the magic at festivals and other events throughout the year.

The LightClub is a space for you to fully let go, release and immerse yourself completely in the healing MAGIC of excellent music. It's somewhere that you will find community, something that is missing in the way we're living right now & it's a place where you will rediscover yourself!

After spending years in Ibiza surrounded by some of the best music in the world, we longed for that same euphoria & same amazing music but without the need for alcohol, drugs, or needing to go to clubs where the atmosphere can be intense or heavy.. we realised that MANY of you felt the same! And so The LightClub was born! 

Explore the website, check out our upcoming events, and feel free to reach out with any questions or just to chat. We'd love to hear from you!

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What to exp


Conscious Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Movement Meditation, Sober Rave— it has many names, for us it's an experience.

We'll guide you through waves of sound, creating peaks and moments of calm. You're free to move however feels right, whether dancing, shaking, stretching, or simply relaxing. There's no performing or pressure for elaborate routines, although they are fully welcome too! Just let go and move as you feel.


We use headsets for a silent disco style event, we find this creates a deeply

immersive experience, it helps to ease any self consciousness (which

we all have!) & allows you to enter some really cool states of being.. Most

peoples eyes will be closed so it becomes a very internal experience but

with a knowing that you are held in a safe, communal space.





We are extremely passionate about GOOD MUSIC & know that when you go deep into sound it can heal & help to release, through the physical 

body but also emotionally & energetically.


We store so much in the body & Conscious Dance is your opportunity to somatically release, to let some of that go and move your way to a state of freedom.

We use a lot of House Music, Afro beats, Tribal sounds and deeply emotive pieces of music too.​

House Music holds the same frequency of the heart, 528HZ, which is why it helps to achieve these gorgeous states of ecstasy. As the heart is opened, healing occurs & the joy & energy starts to flow again sending you into a beautifully ecstatic state of being.

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"Thank you both so much for tonight! It was one of the most amazing, MAGICAL experiences I've EVER had!
Definitely sign me up for your next one!"
"Just wanted to say thank you to you and Daniel for Friday’s session… it was joyful! I had such a deep meditation - I felt so happy and totally present in a lovely uncomplicated content way, as well as tingly and fizzy - like my body was just vibrating away - and then I properly cried through the last track! Lots to let go of! So very grateful to you both 🥰"
“Thanks for such a brilliant night on Friday! We both loved it and wanted to do it again on Saturday night for more of that same feeling! 
All your events I've been to so far have been euphoric in places and each been incredibly healing for me, but last Friday’s was definitely the most healing. I just get so much from it! 
Daniel's music is SO GOOD!”
"Last night was EPIC! Such an immense set yet again from Daniel!"
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